Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Connected Car: Audi takes the corner Android - Silicon

While automakers were betting on far-vehicle information systems developed for their own use by OEMs, they now tend to approach the big names in electronics. After the announced integration of iOS in some cars, including BMW, it is the turn Google to prepare an ad on field with Audi this time.

the upcoming CES 2014 (the Consumer Electronics Show to be held from 7 to 10 January 2014), Audi and Google should indeed reveal a alliance to move forward together automotive connected . In fact, the two firms seek to combine their expertise to develop an embedded system oriented multimedia information and entertainment (Internet navigation, mapping, voice recognition …).

Google would build on its platform Android to move in this direction, according to the Wall Street Journal. Knowing that Google also advanced solo offering his own vehicle fully automatic which eliminates the need of a driver. A third protagonist would join this initiative to develop future automotive Nvidia (designer of graphics cards that extends its business to mobile terminals)

.The connected car

takes place increasingly important within the ESC. In the previous edition of this vast mass IT, Audi presented a device to park a vehicle in a parking lot while the driver was not driving. The German manufacturer Google services already operated through Audi Connect system (eg on board the A3): voice commands, Wi-Fi and 3G, Google mapping services, access to social networks …

Recall that in the last edition of LeWeb, Renault introduced the concept of a “robot car” (see video below). Our colleagues Gizmodo.fr, for their part, recently attended a demo of new services connected the French manufacturer Peugeot for its new model 308 (Peugeot Connect Apps).

Overall, automakers and technology solution providers are moving in two directions: the integration of smartphones in the onboard computer and the design of proprietary platforms.

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