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First implantation of a total artificial heart - The World

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Image synthesis of artificial heart designed by the company Carmat, a first copy was implanted on a patient with terminal heart failure Dec. 18, 2013. principle is that of a pump connected to the bloodstream.

This is a world first, which was expected for years. The total artificial heart Carmat, developed by Professor Alain Carpentier, was implemented for the first time in humans Wednesday, December 18. The intervention was carried out by the team of the European Hospital Georges Pompidou (Paris), one of three selected for this initial phase of clinical trials that will ultimately four patients with terminal heart failure. “This first settlement took place satisfactorily, the prosthesis automatically ensuring normal traffic to a physiological flow, the company Carmat wrote in a statement. The patient is currently under supervision in the ICU, awake and interacting with his family. “

“We welcome this first implementation, but it would of course be premature to draw conclusions, because it is a single location and even very short post-surgical period” says Marcello Conviti CEO Carmat, in the same statement released just after the close of trading. The company is listed effect.

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This project, led by Professor Alain Carpentier for twenty years, is that of a fully implantable bioprosthesis, which adapts to the effort and should give autonomy to the patient. Close to the human heart, it consists of four valves and two ventricles. Eventually, it could become an alternative to transplantation in patients with end-stage chronic heart failure, or irreversible acute heart failure due to a massive heart attack.

The success of this first phase of testing will be evaluated by including survival at one month or the possibility of a transplant if the patient is eligible, indicated the company Carmat in September.

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