Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pollution: the use of alternating traffic expanded in 2014 - The World

Paris, December 12.

Philippe Martin, Minister for Ecology, announced at the end of an interdepartmental committee of the air quality (ICAI) “organization, in January 2014 a roundtable with local authorities and transport authorities to consider how to implement this (layout) “, for the publication of a decree to this effect in the current year.


France, due to too frequent exceedances of the limit values ??for particulate in fifteen cities, is in the crosshairs of Justice. “If (Paris) was convicted (within one to two years), it would incur a fine of an amount of the order of several tens of millions of euros per year until standards for air quality are met “, said the ministry.

ICAI has also discussed possible ways to distinguish the most polluting vehicles. A mission launched in early 2013 and proposed the establishment, for the moment without calendar thumbnail three different colors depending on the more or less polluting vehicles.

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The European Commission proposed on Wednesday to impose stricter national ceilings for major sources of air pollution in order to fight against this “invisible killer” and avoid 58,000 premature deaths each year. “We want to apply the polluter pays principle. There is always someone who pays, and unfortunately today is not the one who pollutes “, deplored the European Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik.

Brussels proposes States to establish “new targets air quality for the period until 2030″ , “reduce existing national ceilings for six major pollutants” and “legislate to reduce pollution from combustion plants of medium height” . However, European countries do not already able to meet the standards for concentrations of fine particles, sulfur dioxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and benzene. “For the company, the total external costs of health-related air pollution is estimated to be between 940 billion and € 330 per year” , has finally said Mr Potocnik.

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