Saturday, December 28, 2013

The universal charger will not be out until 2017 - Le Figaro

European authorities say again trying to impose a single model of charger smartphone and tablet. While most of today’s chargers are compatible, Apple stands apart.

was once a charger capable of running on all phones and all tablets, regardless of brand or operating system. This universal charger could last for years, and would work with all new smartphones arriving home. Family piling cartons only compatible connectors with old Apple and Samsung phones are no longer an ugly memory. Forgetting the charger on holiday would not be a drama. And we no longer cry in the evening: “Who has a Nokia charger here? I have more battery!. “

sweet dream shared by many consumers, was that of the European Commission in 2009. Angry face ecological disaster engendered millions of chargers trashed soon renewed the phone, she had signed an agreement with 17 manufacturers and mobile operators to implement a universal charger in 2010. It would be based on the micro-USB connector present on many smartphones, and would automatically go into standby when the phone charged. This model would spread in every home, and builders would not be obliged to sell a charger with their phone or tablet.

Apple keeps its own connection

Four years later, the will of Brussels is partially met. The majority of phones and tablets on sale in Europe use micro-USB chargers compatible with each other: the charger Samsung Galaxy S4 gentleman may charge the Nexus 7 tablet ma’am. But however the devices continue to be sold with a dedicated charger, which does not solve the environmental problem.

connector The connector “Lightning to micro USB”

Another downside, a manufacturer of size does not comply with the rules of the game: Apple. It swears by Lightning charger, which works with its latest devices. To comply with European legislation, American offers an adapter “Lightning to micro USB” to recharge its 4th generation iPad or the iPhone 5 with a standard cable, against 19 euros. A sleight of hand that is not to the taste of Brussels, which intends to impose its universal charger Apple.

A new text passed to the European Parliament

The European Parliament has announced on December 19 reached an agreement binding all manufacturers of smartphones and tablets use a single model charger. But it will not happen tomorrow in stores. Parliament specifies that text should be adopted by all members of the European Union during a plenary session in March 2014. Member countries will then have two years to transpose these rules into their national laws. And manufacturers will have an additional year to comply with the new rules. Clearly, the universal charger will not be out until 2017, and nothing says that Apple will comply with European legislation.

Unless the arrival of the USB “Type-C”, announced earlier this month, does not change the situation. This micro-connector, which will equip the new devices from next year, will be faster and can be connected in both directions, as Apple Lightning. The charger from the firm at the apple could become the model for the future single charger.

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