Monday, December 30, 2013

Cars: Audi and Google plancheraient on an embedded version ... - Clubic

After smartphones, tablets and television, Google could officially launch its mobile OS Android on new devices and in particular within the next connected cars.
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Currently, many manufacturers already offer an onboard computer equipped with Android system. So Volvo has approached the editor Neonode while Saab unveiled IQon based on Android. The manufacturer Ford is increasing its applications while Mercedes-Benz intends to adopt Google’s OS sometime in 2014. Audi, however, could be the first company to benefit from a system developed by Google directly.

The Wall Street Journal reports in fact that during the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next week in Las Vegas, and Google Audi jointly present the fruits of their labors. Specifically, Audi and Google would position at the head of these efforts and would invite other car manufacturers to adopt their ecosystem. The idea is to provide an OS but also a reference platform in partnership with NVIDIA. Among the features offered include access to music, GPS and various applications and services.

Recall that Apple’s side also trying to get involved in cars and in particular via a command to enable the voice assistant Siri. Honda also makes use of new models of its Civic to read or dictate text messages or emails. Today QNX microkernel held by BlackBerry remains the main platform for several onboard computers of some cars Audi, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Hyundai, Land Rover or Porsche. The situation does change in 2014

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