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December 28, 2013

Committee of the European Parliament who is responsible for the internal market passed a legislative resolution unanimously calling for the creation of a universal charger is compatible with all mobile phones. From a micro-USB connector, all smartphones and tablets may have only one universal charger. One of the objectives of the commission is to reduce electronic waste. An agreement was signed in 2009 with major manufacturers who undertook to provide universal from 2010 to micro-size USB charger. But the agreement did not meet all the conditions according to the Commission.

A universal charger is expected to arrive in 2017

19 December 2013, the Commission of the European Parliament reached an agreement requiring all mobile phone manufacturers to move towards a common standard. A text will be voted on by all members in March 2014. States concerned will have two years to translate this text into their own legislation. The mobile phone manufacturers have an additional year to comply with the legislation. That is to say, universal chargers will emerge from 2017. Cupertino has kept the Lightning ports adapted its products, but provides may change and Apple will be forced to comply with the rule. Nothing says he will, unless future Chargers are close to Lightning group ports. The European authorities want to establish a universal charger for smartphones but also tablets.

Reducing E-Waste

The main argument of the Committee of the European Parliament is to reduce the number of electronic waste. Universal connectivity would reduce the number of waste by 50 000 tonnes per year. All formats, more than one billion chargers that are not used today.

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