Saturday, December 21, 2013

Failure to ISS astronauts are in space for ... -

It was announced, it is now done. While NASA announced Tuesday its intention to send two astronauts into space to replace a faulty pump one of the two cooling circuits of the International Space Station (ISS), the mission began on Saturday. “The orbital output has officially begun,” said a commentator on NASA TV, which broadcasts live images walking in space that should last about 6:30. For orbital ballet, the two astronauts are assisted by the robotic arm on the ISS 15 meters long operated from the inside by Japanese Koichi Wakata orchestrates operations. The purpose of these outputs is to replace a pump cooling circuit including a valve is blocked, preventing normal flow of ammonia required to maintain an adequate temperature

second exit should take place next Monday at the same time. “They will try to finish the repair in two outputs, said Josh Byerly, a spokesman for the Johnson Space Center in Houston, but NASA has scheduled if necessary a third release on Christmas Day, 25″. Failure, discovered last Wednesday, forcing NASA to use only the second cooling circuit and standby certain equipment of the ISS. She had also been partially offset by the activation of another valve to restore normal flow of ammonia in the system and maintain proper temperature. this failure has never endangered the six crew members of the Station, assured NASA.

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