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Telecoms: a "devastating price war" according Montebourg - Clubic

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Minister of productive recovery is back on the controversy between him and Xavier Niel, Vice President and Managing Director of the Iliad Group, Free’s parent. After meeting with the leader, Arnaud Montebourg criticized the structure of the Telecom market and estimated that operators should be more subject to obligations in terms of employment and investment networks.
Arnaud Montebourg

Arnaud Montebourg met Xavier Niel. The minister had harsh words against mobile operators and more closely towards the telecoms market. Minister of productive recovery has insisted that lower prices had an impact on employment in the sector. However, he explained that Free Mobile has “served the cause consumer and his passing. Good for him, good for consumers “.

Reminder, last year, some operators have announced departures within their respective groups. Bouygues Telecom has confirmed that it presented a strategy of “ resizing numbers ” by planning a voluntary redundancy plan for 556 positions. In parallel, he also announced that counselors recruited 200 clients after obtaining permit its own frequencies for 4G. SFR had in turn also announced the launch of a voluntary redundancy plan.

Finally, Orange said he should know no less than 3,000 retirements per year between 2013 and 2015. The operator has the recalled later that he had recruited over the same period 4,000 people on permanent contracts in France. By 2015, the balance should be negative with 5,000 people for the operator.

In this context, Arnaud Montebourg responded to micro RTL to clarify his recent remarks. He had indeed sent a message on Twitter remembering that strategy Free Mobile created “ always more job destruction in the telecoms thanks to excess low cost FreeMobile # .”

The Minister explained now be “worried about any kind of drift low-cost .” The price war being then in his “devastating .” Its objective is then to impose “ counterparties in terms of jobs and investment ” and further constrain operators to finance, for example, the deployment of optical fiber. He also requested that Free Mobile show some patriotism by referring to the Alcatel-Lucent situation. In this respect, Xavier Niel should soon receive the equipment to find common ground.

Without further regulation, Arnaud Montebourg therefore it is “ be considered in this price war we have a death . ” The question is who will bear the brunt of this conflict.

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