Thursday, December 19, 2013

Martin Bouygues "declared war" on Xavier Niel in the fixed Internet - Le Figaro

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – The CEO of Bouygues group attacked by the founder of Free, replied point by point. He said he would cut prices in the fixed Internet to reduce the margins of its competitors and deprive means to expand into mobile.

• The balance of Bouygues Telecom in 4G. “This is a real success. We will cross the course of the first million customers within a few days, [...] which makes nervous Free. Xavier Niel has flip-flopped. He launched the largest precipitation offer 4G, when he was 700 antennas. And when he says that Bouygues Telecom has only 530, this is wrong! It has already been convicted for having denigrated. “

• The response to Free. “In the fixed Internet, the party is over. [...] Bouygues Telecom will provide a real breakthrough in 2014 with innovative technology and services. We’ll make do 150 euros savings per year to subscribers who choose the fixed service, making a saving of 12.5 euros per month. What could be better? Xavier Niel do the same if he can! “

• On the margins of the operators. “Our margins are less than 20% while [those of Gold] are greater than 40% in the fixed. I just found that between 2010 and 2013, the fortunes of Xavier Niel evaluated by Challenges is from 3 to 6 billion euros, placing it in 10th position (the largest fortunes in France , ed.) A joke do you? “

• The About Xavier Niel on the JDD Martin Bouygues. “Regarding TF1, he seeks to defame me. In 26 years, the CSA has never done me such reproaches. This is not me, but Xavier Niel said ‘when journalists bore me I take an interest in their duck after they fuck me peace. [...] There is no lesson in freedom of the press to give to anyone. “

• The impact of Free Mobile in the last two years. “The arrival of a fourth operator has destabilized the market, caused a deep crisis and destroyed thousands of jobs directly or indirect. Free we had predicted in a mobile festival innovations and new services. We had only a low-cost supply favored by homelessness Orange. We are still waiting technological innovations. “

The full interview will be published in Le Figaro on Friday December 20 and available from 22 hours on the web, mobile and tablets to subscribers My Figaro Digital.

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