Friday, December 27, 2013

Bouygues Telecom could launch a 4G box for his "War of the ... - Clubic

To realize its promise to make 150 euros in savings per year on the fixed Internet in 2014, Bouygues Telecom could against all odds make an offer based on 4G. Last Friday

Martin Bouygues declared war Xavier Niel in the fixed Internet, promising a saving of 150 euros / year in 2014. To do this, the group’s CEO says that Bouygues Telecom will “a real break with innovative technology and services” .

Logo Bbox 4G

This technological breakthrough could be a fixed supply of Internet based not on ADSL, cable or fiber but on 4G. This is at least the prognosis Crédit Mutuel – CIC, relayed by website “We think it will provide an access to Internet and fixed telephony services (without TV services) using mobile network which is far from being saturated. “
The idea is not so crazy. Firstly because Bouygues has little leeway in the fixed “since it must hire the Orange network and Numericable” , as recalled by CM-CIC. Some telecommunications experts also believe that Bouygues Telecom can offer an even cheaper than B & You.

Secondly because it would take little risk ADSL, given “the little success of low cost offers existing “.

thirdly because he has already prepared the ground. Bouygues Telecom has to start from an experiment a few months to replace the ADSL 4G. And offers already offers mobile Internet with comfortable volumes, up to 32 GB / month, the volume traded by average British internet (we do not have information for France). In reality there are plenty more to these offers outfit suited to a fixed installation, with a roof antenna particular.

 Alvarion Wimax CPE class=”mini griser”> A CPE Wimax installed on a home

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