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The premises of Google France in Paris December 6, 2011.

And the result is equal to the predictions. In one year, between November 2012 and November 2013, the U.S. giant would have made 1.43 billion euros in France. Is very far from the € 193 million reported by the company in France under its fiscal year 2012. Certainly, this year’s has not yet been made public. Nevertheless: hard to imagine that Google says more than 1 billion revenue in France in 2013


subject is in any case very sensitive. The French government complains that Google – like other U.S. Web giants – not paying enough taxes under its real activity in France. In 2012, Google only paid € 6.5 million for the corporate tax.

To arrive at the result of 1.4 billion, Antoine Mussard, boss VRDCI, compiled millions of data for an entire year. “What I originally wanted was to know how French companies spend on buying keywords on Google” says the entrepreneur.


keywords or “AdWords” are a major advertising tools used by French companies. These are words or phrases such as “Hotel”, “accommodation in Paris”, which are auctioned by the search engine. The idea is to buy your keyword to appear at the top of the page when the user types the word in question in the search bar.


Mussard summed daily average costs of all AdWords available in France. These average costs are difficult to calculate because they vary according to the buyer and day. Since these keywords are, according to the search engine, 68% of income from Google, just, says Mussard to make a simple rule of three for its entire revenue.

“Finally, Google not give a lot of information on the keywords: CTR or the daily cost” says Mr. Mussard. But to achieve this, it is still necessary to compile all the available keywords. What Mr. Mussard and his team claim to have done. With a small software, they recovered all keywords may have been purchased by advertisers. In all, they collected a database of 4.2 million keywords. A mammoth task.

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World Wednesday, Google did not confirm turnover ascribed by VRDCI. The group wants to assess the credibility of the study before deciding.

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