Sunday, December 29, 2013

Apple tries again to ban some of Samsung devices - TorrentFreak

legal battle between Apple and Samsung rebounds. In the United States, the Californian company has once again asked the court to ban some terminals of the South Korean group, which are no longer sold today. But for Apple, the goal is to prepare the ground for better combat current and future products of his rival.

the field of industrial property, there is no truce can confectioners between Apple and Samsung. In the midst of celebrations, the Cupertino company has revived hostilities by asking the justice to prohibit the marketing of twenty smartphones and two tablets sold by the South Korean manufacturer, on the grounds that they violate the devices U.S. Patent group.

“Since Samsung regularly puts new products on the market, an injunction is important to provide the necessary assistance to Apple to combat future violations via Samsung products that are merely different in appearance those who have already been tried in breach , “said Apple, which targets here terminals that are no longer available today.

Samsung and Apple are engaged in a trade war without thank you for a few years, and it has since spread far beyond the legal field. Indeed, each accusing the other of violating its intellectual property. Many lawsuits have been filed across the world, including the highlight was the legal victory of Apple in 2012 as part of a U.S. trial.

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