Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Repairers ISS pass their second release - Le Nouvel Observateur

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) – Two NASA astronauts spent more than seven hours Tuesday outside the International Space Station (ISS), and managed to fix one of the two cooling circuits, after their second release of this type in three days.

previous output Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hokpins, repair Tuesday was broadcast live on NASA TV.

During the release of Saturday, the two men were able to disconnect and remove before the time the faulty pump since December 11 because they had to do that during the second day of repair.

failure forced the six crew members, which however was no danger, to turn off non-essential equipment and cancel dozens of scientific experiments. The cooling station is provided by the second cooling circuit.

Pending a full test of the new pump, which will take place during the day, NASA announced that the first audit, conducted during the last hour of repair, was perfectly successful.

Irene Klotz, Guy and Julien Jerivel Dury for the French service

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