Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A first selection of candidates to colonize March - Le Figaro

About 1000 people were selected by the Dutch foundation March One, the initiator of the space project. After a rigorous selection process, only 24 of them walk the floor of the red planet.

establish a human colony on Mars. This is the crazy bet a Dutch foundation called One in March, which comes pre-select candidates in 1058 a total of 202,000 to integrate its program. After a rigorous selection process, only 24 of them will have the chance to tread the Marsian soil.


107 different countries, the majority of applicants is in the age group of 25-35 years. 586 472 are men against women. With 297 preselected, the United States is the most represented, followed by Canada (75) India (62) and Russia (52). France has it 22 candidates.

Cost of Adventure: $ 6 billion

Launched in 2012 by Dutch engineer Lansdrop Netherlands, the Mars Project One should take place over a dozen years. After the selection phase of the future “land ambassadors”, the delivery of equipment required for the construction of stations expected to begin in 2022. The journey of an advance team to the red planet is scheduled for April 2024, with a scheduled arrival 210 days later. A second group should join the first year after that for a permanent residence.

The cost of this expedition amounted to $ 6 billion, should be funded, according to the management, operating through a media event. The scheme is simple: make this adventure the subject of a reality TV show, in which the public would have ample opportunity to interact with travelers. But designers have remained very discrete time on the progress of funding and overcoming technical constraints posed by a project of this magnitude. At this stage, no one can say with certainty that the journey to Mars will take place.

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