Friday, December 13, 2013

American consumers prefer the greater iPad - MacNN

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Tim Cook promised a “Christmas iPad ,” and there is a good chance that this is indeed the case. ChangeWave released its quarterly survey of U.S. consumers purchase intentions and are 13% want to afford a tablet in the next 90 days. And the 13%, 72% opt for an iPad ! More than half choose an iPad Air, 16% a Retina iPad mini, 7% an iPad 2, which still retains its old age a real attraction. Competition merely crumbs 9% slide in their hood a Galaxy Tab, same percentage for a Nexus 7, 8% a Microsoft Surface


During the previous survey (covering the three months ending August), Apple tablets accounted “ only ” 55% of purchase intentions. The launch of the new generation has clearly had a small effect. The rise of the iPad mechanically lowers the attractiveness of other tablets, Galaxy Tab in mind – it must be said that the offer from Samsung is hard to read and that nothing new came out of this side

As for the popularity of the iPad Air, it is not coincidental. Almost all tests have raised this model to rank better tablet and new standard.

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