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ANFR already offers on the web Cartoradio site. It is very simple to use because you only need to enter your address and city to discover in seconds masts available. On the right, you will have several information about antennas radios, television or mobile telephony. By clicking on the logos, you can access multiple data. ANFR decided to extend the concept of Cartoradio on mobile. An application is available on iOS and Android. The Director General of ANFR Gilles Bréguant revealed with “ this application, the waves are invisible, but become transparent .”

Cartoradio on iOS and Android

When the application

got your GPS position, you can choose the maps from Google Maps or the IGN who are partners of the Agency. Masts then quickly reveal. Operators are forced to seek permission to install a mobile site, the Agency is able to offer an accurate map antennas service. This application available on Google Play and App Store also provides information on the electromagnetic field. The exhibition is indicated by the red icons and AFNR ensures compliance with regulatory limits. Some research shows that is nice, but users would have liked to get a search via the operators.

The arrival of Free Mobile with 700 antennas

Gilles Bréguant reveals that AFNR chose not to offer this feature because “ this type of classification was not advised by the Competition Authority not encourage operators to monitor . ” The AFNR also expressed on the arrival of Free Mobile in the field of 4G. Its network has been launched with 700 antennas and ANFR reveals that this announcement has been proposed “ early compared to the usual practice of operators is expected to have many antennas .” Free Mobile has surprised the consumers, the Agency and the competing operators.

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