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December 5, 2013

Following warnings from the government to consumers about coverage offered by mobile operators networks, the National Frequencies Agency, ANFR has launched a mobile application for viewing and geotag antennas operators and measures the electromagnetic field already completed. This free mobile application named “mobile Cartoradio.” It is available for iOS and Android. The “Cartoradio” application already exists for computers via the website:

Application Cartoradio ANFR

Application Cartoradio ANFR

such an application, consumers can see the evolution of antennas operators but also measurements in the electromagnetic field accurately. Bréguant Gilles, director of ANFR specifies that operators are required to apply for authorization ANFR order to develop a mobile site and it states that the measurements in electromagnetic fields designed to meet the regulatory limit values . The mobile application, once installed requires an authorization geolocation then offers IGN or Google Maps. Then the relay 2G 3G or 4G antennas, installed around the point where you are appear. By clicking on one of the points indicated, the operator operates the relay antenna is specified. Mobile Cartoradio also outlines measures the electromagnetic field (red icon). The application does not currently allow research of antenna location with operator to prevent operators to monitor, said Gilles Bréguant.

Mobile Application Cartoradio

Cartoradio Mobile App

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