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Nabaztag given way to 'Big Mother' - ZDNet

Business: Rafi Haladjian, already known to be one of the inventors of the connected rabbit Nabaztag, unveiled his new project: Sense Mother. Mother “better” who knows all, sees all, tells all.


At first glance, one is tempted to believe that the Nabaztag rabbit connected lost his ears and took some hips. But Sense Mother’s new project Rafi Haladjian unveiled yesterday borrows rather to the Russian doll. The look, the softness of the features, to form … Only lacks traditional clothing.

Sense Mother, developed by, wants the new vision of the future of objects connected by Rafi Haladjian. A “programmable mom” who knows all, sees all. In line with the “quantified self”, it consists of a base – the “Mother” of communicators to place tags on objects – the “Motion cookies” – and applications for smartphones and tablets legacy Nabaztag

Double axis communication On the one hand, the legacy of Nabaztag is assumed: “In 2003, we had this vision: all objects are connected We opened the market with a rabbit.”. Another, does not want associated with the failure of the rabbit connected picture: “Ten years have passed (…) Our vision is not the same..”

If the “dream 2003 becomes a reality day after day”, it was done without the Nabaztag. Rabbit created by Violet – a hare in fact, according to its etymology Armenian – continues to be sold under its name Karotz. Aldebaran Robotics has acquired the business and kept the line.

Karotz is certainly improved over the original Nabaztag. It has a webcam and a USB port for playing music files. But the adventure of the rabbit, promising in its early years, has not placed Violet among successful businesses of the Internet of Things.

Yet today swear, the advent of connected objects has never been so close. His mistake? No price or communication or lack of features. Error concept, according to the company. “We thought keywords were objects and connection , today, we are convinced that the real issues are called life and sense . “

“Mommy – Beep, beep.”

That smells good storytelling. A few days before the LeWeb 2013 conference, we can not blame not having worked his speech. Ambitions – “we are ready for the adventure the next ten years” – to its mission – “meaning of life” – will only delight cool hunters from around the world in search of new startup to follow.

Specifically, this is an object Sense Mother, Mother avatar connected and able to communicate with a set of sensors, Motion cookies. The user places them on objects he wants and information is sent from the latter. All communicating by electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 868 MHz.

Motion cookies already boarded fifteen preset features. A user choose via a control tool which function he wants to give each cookie. Measuring a length, a distance alert free cookie on the network of the Mother, counting a number of steps, etc.. The module incorporates a few grams accelerometer and thermometer, which already opens a lot of possibilities.

A promotional video (below), it helps to know everything about his life. A woman gets up, is launching a coffee on his espresso machine, and learns a few seconds later on the tablet she had a good night – thank you – and it will run out of coffee in five days

His son comes home from school? The cookie on his backpack reported him by notification on his smartphone. Grandmother takes her medicine? Recorded. Family brushing teeth with Mother and measure the time spent to do? It may even establish a classification of dental hygiene in the family, which seems to augur free fun parts.

A Big Mother …

short, we will not judge the usefulness of the tool. Everyone will be his idea. It is clear here in quantified self , perhaps excessive, but the trend is real. Measuring devices not, calorie counters, scales connected … all these tools that monitor daily life are booming. It even reminds us of an “intelligent” mirror display in record time analysis of urinary composition after going to the toilet.

Big Mother wrong without problems, albeit less political than its distant cousin of “1984″. The metaphor may seem smoky, but the direction taken by seems closer to a massive collection of data on a daily basis that the project purely dedicated to “change lives.”

For if the features are limited for time, no doubt that some might find an interest in developing useful tools. Alas, Clubic reports that “partnerships with many companies were signed to quickly provide compatible objects with cookies.”

… and personal data

school soooo-Fictional Case “. Yes, Madam Bouchon, but you forgot your medication three times this week You understand that your contribution will increase mutual or accept delisting.” Too big? The CNIL has yet been much to say about the Internet of Things … Extract from site

“ has developed an infrastructure to continuously collect data sent by objects connected. This platform is designed to receive and store massive volumes of data in real time. But above all, this platform processes the received data , interprets, analyzes continually able to provide services more suited to the user and smarter. “

a declaration of good intentions of a free social network, do not believe it is? Certainly, the company has created, a dedicated platform “developers, designers and curious” eager “design, prototype, test” Sense Mother. This may open new applications, but does not guarantee the neutrality of the code.

We do not prejudge the potential demand or interest of the device. One can only fear, by cons, then this Russian doll contains uses next most disturbing in it. Especially since the story does not say if this mom “better” (yes, really!) Will be able to feed the rabbits.

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