Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Offer Free 4G: Government questioned the quality - The World

Minister recovery productive Arnaud Montebourg and his colleague in charge of telecommunications Fleur Pellerin “questioned the quality of the offer 4G” launched by Free Mobile and “consequences economic in France “, in a statement released Wednesday, Dec. 4.

After launching an “offer 4G discount” by the mobile subsidiary of Iliad, Xavier Niel company (shareholder World Individual), ministers ” call to ensure the quality of service that will actually be provided on the entire territory “.



Montebourg and therefore invite Ms. Pellerin Free “which at present is the only operator that has not responded to the call for economic patriotism” launched against Alcatel-Lucent, “to fully contribute to wealth creation in France” .

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“A low-cost strategy necessarily leads to under-investment in infrastructure, a degradation of the service rendered and job destruction” , the ministers underline. “While the network is still under construction, the announcement of the Free operator appears as a bold and risky bet” , they insist.

the two ministers “offer 4G as a whole may appear dubious to consumers if the quality of service was not to go” . Over the medium term, “a new price war would weaken the ability of operators to maintain significant levels of investment in telecommunications infrastructure” , they put on hold.


three historical groups, Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, have indicated their side want to keep their rates. “It is not today that will make us change our perspective offers 4 G ad” says Delphine Ernotte, Executive Director of Orange France.


position SFR and Bouygues Telecom, which evoke “bluff” from the fourth operator. “Precipitation of Free denotes a certain excitement” , for example, notes Ms. Ernotte. “It shows that Free does not really know where it goes” says another competitor.

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