Sunday, December 15, 2013

Robotics: Google puts his hand on Boston Dynamics - ZDNet

Business: Google confirmed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics. The latter specializes in mobile robots concepts it has developed for the U.S. Army.


After the autonomous car and smart glasses is robotics which holds the attention of Google. The New York Times (NYT) reported that the U.S. giant has just acquired Boston Dynamics. Founded in 1992 by a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he is one of the companies the most advanced robot in high mobility. We owe him and avoiding obstacles and even run faster than a human multiple bipeds and quadrupeds models able to walk. Boston Dynamics has developed prototypes on behalf of DARPA, the R & D agency of the U.S. Army. For Google, it is the eighth acquisition in the field of robotics in the space of 6 months.

A nice catch which welcomed Andy Rubin, the new head of the robotics division at Google. In a tweet referring to the article in the New York Times, he exclaims: “The future looks great!”. The amount of the acquisition was not disclosed and Google did not specify its projects. The NYT says the short-term goal is to develop autonomous systems for handling in warehouses or assistance to seniors.

Google has always cultivated references to robotics, starting with Android and green robot Burdroid and its line of Nexus devices, with reference to humanoid robots the movie Blade Runnner. Nexus One robot is not yet valid, but the loop will perhaps one day, curly … (Eureka Press)

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