Friday, December 6, 2013

Spotify launch an offer of free music on mobile - Le Figaro

music service streaming organizes a press conference next week. It should review its offerings to better target users on mobile.

Spotify wants to attract new users on mobile. According to the Wall Street Journal software streaming music Swedish working on a free version of its service for smartphones and tablets. Previously, a paid subscription was essential to enjoy Spotify on mobile.

Wall Street Journal , citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter said that the Swedish company has already signed the necessary agreements with the major record labels Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Warner Music . This new service will be launched Wednesday, December 11, during a press conference organized by Spotify in New York.

Established in 2006, Spotify now boasts a catalog of over 20 million songs. He has more than 24 million active users, 6 million that acquitent a monthly subscription. It can rise or € 4.99 per month – for unlimited listening without advertising on computer – or € 9.99 if the user also wants to use Spotify on its mobile devices. It is also possible to listen to music for free, with advertising at the rate of five hours per month. It is this that gives Spotify should extend to smartphones and tablets. The Swedish company also plans to improve its personalized radio service, from the taste of its users, the way the site Pandora.

This announcement

future Spotify responds to competition increasingly fierce on the field of mobile streaming. Apple still number one online music, launched this year in the United States own customized radio for iPhone and iPad, iTunes Radio, with free advertising funded model (without advertising or an annual subscription of 24 , $ 99).

Spotify must finally deal with competition from Google, which opened this year as a music listening service by paying online Google Play Music Unlimited Access is also available on mobile. Its video site, YouTube also provides free access to music videos in its application. Video platform Google also prepare a future streaming service Music Unlimited, which could be announced within weeks.

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