Friday, December 6, 2013

Spotify soon to listen to for free on mobile? -

Wall Street Journal reports that Spotify could soon offer a free version of its service on mobile platforms for the time being only available for premium subscribers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify would have established licensing agreements with three majors – Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music and Warner Music – with a view to integrating their catalogs to a new offer of free music listening on smartphones and tablets which would be financed through advertising. Currently, only Premium subscribers who pay 9.99 euros per month can access content from Spotify without advertising and without listening limit, from a mobile device. Users who do not pay themselves must be content with access to the desktop software or the web version, with a limit of 10 hours of music per month.

Rumor suggests that the free version mobile will listen “ a limited number of songs “, but should nevertheless provide more freedom in the webradio mode, and within already created playlists.

Spotify currently has about 6 million paying subscribers and 20 million free users. If the establishment of such an offer would allow fans free to discover the benefits of listening on mobile, and potentially move to pay later, it is still not certain that the service will gain much new subscribers. Spotify’s ambition, however, to quickly grow its user base, as the service is clearly implied on its new site for artists and that lifts the veil on its business model.


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