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Nokia Lumia 1520: Windows Phone Titans - Digital Age

The Nokia Lumia 1520 applies recipe phablets Windows Phone, bringing more news overdue. Enough to make the reference phone for this platform?

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Nokia Lumia 1520 is the first of a new generation of Windows Phone. Indeed, the bulk of the hardware changes is controlled by Microsoft. To undergo big changes to a Windows Phone should therefore expect that the Redmond giant clears. This phone so inaugurates a new generation of processors, and a Full HD screen. What on paper relaunch a platform that was getting a bit dated.

Growth spurt


Despite small variations, Nokia does not take much risk a design standpoint. The Lumia 1520 covers the main lines of the 720 out there a few months stretching of course everything to get the 6-inch screen. As always the finish is excellent, especially in view of the hull “all plastic” of the machine. We have already seen with smartphones like the Xperia Z Ultra slab also great pose quite a few problems ergonomics. Despite a weight (200 g) instead content, the size that the machine is complicated to manipulate with one hand. I am also not far past the drama a few times during the test.


however, is not negative, we really appreciate the clever positioning of the buttons, for example. One of them is also dedicated to the photo. On the positive surprises also notes that Nokia has made the effort to provide a micro-SD slot, a first for its high-end models. It was however a little hard to understand why Nokia decided to embark a nano-SIM rather than a conventional micro-SIM. Unless you come from an iPhone so you must change maps.

A little slow


A little over a year since Windows Phone was confined to a 720p resolution. If it is more than adequate for smartphones entry or mid-range, it began to be a bit limited for the most muscular models. Microsoft has finally adapted to support Windows Phone 8 slabs and Lumia Full HD 1520 is the first to benefit. The selected slab is very good. Resolution, brightness, contrast and colorimetry are excellent and there is not much to complain about, quite the contrary. As with previous models, the touch part is little more careful than the average. One can thus use the 1520 with gloves without losing precision, which is a more appreciable advantage in winter!


Coté photo, we discover a new 20 megapixel sensor, also called “PureView” in Finnish. The main shortcoming of the Lumia 1020, being slow to take pictures, is unfortunately still there. You miss too many pictures because the second or two it takes the focus. Difficult to justify a weakness when we know that builders have mastered the images almost instantly taken for some time … rendering shots also do not even compensate for this delay. The image quality is ok, but still a notch below the best players of the moment. The software part is designed by Nokia provides many useful options, but they troquerait mindlessly against better responsiveness …

Windows Phone Password fourth

its latest updates, the Microsoft OS finally supports quad-core. In this case, the old Qualcomm S800 clocked at 2.2 GHz (which we had already seen in the LG G2 for example) is present, with 2 GB of RAM. Although we have some doubts about its usefulness as a well optimized Windows Phone must however admit that the gains responsiveness and fluidity are notable system. The OS responds like clockwork and the few games we’ve tried work perfectly despite the higher resolution. However, the processor heats quickly, and it feels through the hull. Side autonomy is pretty average. The huge battery (3400 mAh) fails completely to follow. Autonomy caps a day and a half in mixed use. We saw other phablets do better. Few words about the phone part, network grip is excellent and especially the voice quality is very good.


this test is concluded with a few words on Windows Phone itself. Since the release of version 8 a few patches have not changed the system, although small bugs have been fixed. Especially we note that if the support for Full HD screens is, they are still far from being fully exploited. We would rather gain density information displayed rather than having much wasted screen … A problem that is also found on Windows 8 space. For its part, Nokia always spoils users with a range of applications for the most useful. Here (formerly Nokia Maps) is also in our one, if not the best GPS smartphone available today.

Nokia Lumia 1520 yes but

Nokia Lumia 1520 personally enjoyed it. Nokia is here an almost flawless as a technical point of view that software. We do not really blame the manufacturer part a photo below our expectations. For its part, Microsoft still has work to do to fully exploit these high resolution, too much space is still marred by the interface. Especially expected that Microsoft continues to make efforts to attract developers to its platform. There are the best in recent months, but some sections like the game are desperately empty.


Despite all its qualities it is difficult to recommend the Lumia 1520 all size us that it does not suit most users. If you are looking for a Windows Phone giant, go for it. For others, wait a few months Nokia we ponde his little brother just as powerful but easier to put in a bag

Features :
– System. Operating System: Windows Phone 8
– Dimensions / Weight: 162.8 x 85.4 x 8.7 mm / 209 grams
– Screen: IPS 1920 x 1080 pixels, 6 inches
– Photo sensor: 20 megapixel
– Connections: A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP, WiFi n, micro USB 2.0, NFC, 4G
– Memory: 32GB + micro SD
– Medium Range 36 hours

Price : 730 euros


aaa on 06-12-2013 at 7:14:18 p.m.

Anything you, it’s great, unanimous reaction or not we do not care its the principle of phablet is to be great. as stupid remark for phablet. you still have not understood.

For Gabriel on 06-12-2013 at 8:58:42 p.m.

As said earlier it is stupid to say that phablet is great, obviously.
Against I disagree with 90% of what is written in this article. I for 1 week and it is a gem to read it you would think that you have a grudge against Nokia / Microsoft or you have simply not tested at all

By zorg86 on 07-12-2013 at 10:45:14

Not bad :) A bit disappointing this average range? This is the screen or Proco takes the most? WP8 is sufficiently optimized for such Proco quad core?
Final if the picture is not good reactivity and self-blah, this model is not for me :/

By benoit on 07-12-2013 at 1:52:52 p.m.

Gabriel> so, as we do not agree with your analysis of three lines is that necessarily has not tested? pfff … troller will also

I return thee comment: as your tests Wholesale 10 phones by me, how are you doing now to conclude by testing every three years

go …

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