Monday, December 9, 2013

The military planning law will despite the outcry - Journal du Net

The military planning law will despite the outcry
  • military planning law will despite the outcry
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The provisions of surveillance of citizens under Article 13 of the Trademark Law, which will be adopted in the Senate on December 10, sparked the ire of French digital sector.

rage and anxiety of digital players swell with clause 13 of Bill 2014-2019 military programming, passed on December 3 by the Assembly and its second reading in the Senate tomorrow, December 10. The text provides for the state to allow direct access to data from telecom operators, Internet access and web hosting providers, and in some cases without requiring the approval of a judge.

justification: the fight against terrorism but also against organized crime and safeguard the economic and scientific potential of France. Officials of the Ministries of Defence, Interior and also the Budget may request the network in real time, without requiring prior authorization of the National Control Commission interceptions security. Moreover, they can extract technical data that any document or information as well.

arrival widest fuzzy extension of the current system, which attracts the opprobrium of organizations representative quantity of the digital sector in France: National Council of digital, ASIC, Quadrature du Net, Digital Renaissance digital Syntec or IAB France. Nevertheless, the government taking to pass this legislation before the end of the year, it is likely to be definitively adopted on 10 December.

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